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Our Warehouses and Systems

Our warehouses and systems are designed to run the full end-to-end supply chain from receiving, warehousing and kitting to final delivery. We are completely accountable to deliver a world class service to you. This is how we do it:

  • Technology
    Our warehouse management systems are specifically designed for kitting and fine picking. This technology can integrate with world leading systems seamlessly.
  • Reporting
    Our warehouse management software ensures you have accurate and up-to-date access to your inventory. It will notify you when stock levels are low and need to be replenished.
  • Multiple locations
    This is essential for speed to market. By warehousing your stock closer to its market, we can deliver quicker, for less.

Our Distribution

Our distribution team easily integrates with our fulfilment processes to offer an end-to-end offering.

  • Digital processing and tracking 
    Our track-and-trace software is easy to use and integrates with our clients’ existing systems. Digital processing, using barcoding and electronic waybills, ensures consignment traceability and error-free deliveries. With data located in the cloud, up-to-date information is accessible anywhere, any time, and from any device.
  • No delivery area is a challenge
    Our courier division specialises in deliveries across the full spectrum of residential and business zones. With over 10 years of experience delivering consignments accurately and safely to suburban, rural and township areas, we can deliver anywhere which opens up new market opportunities

Specialist Project Management

We function as a specialist project management team – handling the distribution of your particular resources as if they were our own.

Our experience in warehousing and distribution, together with our optimised processes, means we have a flexibility to scale or customise operations depending on your individual project or tender needs – while you focus on your core business.

  • Customised distribution
    Solutions are tailored to your specific project needs – whether it’s a once-off tender or a recurring campaign.
  • Specialist project management
    We’re equipped to manage a variety of complex distribution jobs – from school textbooks to branded campaign merchandise.
  • Digital processing and tracking
    Digital processing, using barcoding and electronic waybills, ensures consignment traceability and error-free deliveries.
  • Optimised warehousing
    Strategically located warehouses and optimised storage methods keep costs low and service swift.
  • Enterprising courier fleet
    Our experienced drivers can deliver anything, anywhere, and within tight timeframes.
  • Flexible solutions
    Our team is able to scale operations in response to your individual project’s needs.


As a proudly owned South African Company and a proud supporter of B-BBEE, we have entrenched the principles and requirements of B-BBEE in our daily operations.

The ownership structure of our business is 31% black female-owned; and we are currently a Level 1 Contributor.
(Certificate Number RS-7669-0717-C87).

Download our BBEE certificate (PDF)

We have therefore aligned all aspects of our business to meet the criteria as set out in the Revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice as were gazetted on the 11th October 2013.

Preferential Procurement

As a 31% black female-owned Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE), our clients are entitled to claim 135% for every R1 spent with Nexus; and score in all of the five Preferential Procurement categories, which comprises 25 of the 25 points available.

Enterprise Development


Your Service Logistics

As part of our enterprise & supplier development we have implemented a complete mentorship program with At Your Service Logistics, a 100% Black-Owned start-up business. Over and above the mentorship program, we also help At Your Service Logistics in terms of their operational requirements, such as warehousing.


Socio-Economic Development


Red Cross Children’s Hospital

We proudly fund the advancement of child healthcare by financially supporting the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.


Emasithandane Children’s Organisation

We’re also proud to support the Emasithandane Children’s Organisation. Emasithandane is a home/shelter based in Nyanga East in Cape Town which provides education, food and extramural programmes for orphans, abandoned, abused and otherwise vulnerable children, as well as those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. In total, the home provides shelter to 39 children, and food to an additional 25 children in the community.


Building a future for our staff

We also support the education of previously disadvantaged children by paying for the school fees of all of our previously disadvantaged employees – hoping to build a better future for the next generation. Our wish is that our suppliers also participate in the social economic development of the country, ultimately promoting the ideal of achieving equality for all.

Hannah’s place of Safety

We are passionate about the work that Hannah’s place of safety do relentlessly. In December 2017 Nexus donated some play ground sets to Hannah’s place of safety so that the children could have loads of fun right outside their doorstep. Thank you to Hannah’s place of safety for allowing Nexus the opportunity to make a difference.

Committed to Transformation

We’re committed to transformation and achieving B-BBEE objectives, as well as promoting equal opportunity in all occupational categories and levels in the workplace:

  • We have a detailed goal orientated strategy in place to maintain our Level 1 accreditation of the revised B-BBEE Codes of 01 May 2015. We foresee that we will maintain our Level 1 status of all tables as set out by the B-BBEE Codes in terms of ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise & supplier development and socio-economic development.

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