Optimizing OTIF: The Power of Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Marketing Campaigns

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In the world of transport and logistics, the efficiency of delivery and fulfillment is often measured by a key metric known as “Ontime and infull” (OTIF). This metric is not only crucial for tangible product delivery but also for the success of below-the-line market campaigns. For effective Marketing Fulfillment, ensuring that marketing materials are delivered “Ontime and In full” is as vital as the product itself. Imagine the setback of offering customers discounts on products they’ve already purchased. The primary goal is brand growth, boosting customer engagement, and ultimately, escalating sales. So, how can supply chain and logistics improve OTIF for marketing materials?

A significant hurdle for below-the-line marketing campaigns is the campaign critical path (CPA). The challenge arises when the CPA is not comprehended, documented, or consistently tracked. A vague CPA can jeopardize campaign processes, negatively impacting OTIF and product sales. Some campaigns might have a well-documented CPA, but the intricacy of managing multiple brands and campaigns can be daunting. Here’s where the Brand Force System, a logistics provider, shines. It centralizes the CPA for all campaigns, ensuring uniformity. This system allows for task allocation to both internal and external stakeholders. They’re promptly reminded of their tasks, and once completed, they update Brand Force. This real-time tracking identifies campaigns or brands at risk and pinpoints possible delays, enabling teams to strategize and enhance OTIF outcomes. As stated by a Marketing Execution Specialist from a global brewing company, “The CPA tool has streamlined campaign CPA management, shifting the focus towards boosting compliance.”

Often, the systems employed for below-the-line marketing campaigns aren’t as sophisticated as those for product supply. Surprisingly, many are rudimentary or rely on Excel. While Excel might be adequate for a single campaign, it’s problematic when handling multiple campaigns, each with varied elements and allocations to diverse stores or collection points. This results in the challenge of version control. The Marketing Execution Specialist highlights the edge provided by The Nexus Fulfilment Campaign Tool – Brand Force. “This tool eradicated the version control issues we faced due to numerous brand owners and campaign elements.”

Moreover, it minimized errors related to incorrect stock allocations. The tool also provides the convenience of reviewing past campaigns without version-related concerns. Brand Force’s strength lies in its seamless integration with the entire sales force and client database. This database is continuously updated with automated file uploads. Hence, campaigns can be effortlessly crafted with multiple elements and allocated to sales representatives across the nation. Alongside, timely delivery and collection reports enhance the control over achieving OTIF goals.

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