Why In-Store Marketing Still Matters


In this digital-obsessed world, marketers can very easily become caught up in the power of marketing through our screens – while forgetting that more traditional marketing still has many benefits. The truth is that by combining the power of both digital and traditional above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) marketing methods, you can create campaigns which have optimum impact. A good example of this is with the recent launch of Budweiser by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

This launch was a 360-degree marketing initiative, and Nexus Fulfillment was chosen to be the key BTL marketing partner for AB InBev, as the in-store launch was a critical component of the launch campaign in general. This was because of the product in question: in a liquor store, in-store marketing materials have been proven to have great influence over a consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Robbie Fern, Marketing and Sales Manager at Nexus, explains: “In South Africa, online sales are still low at less than 5% of ALL retail sales. For most South Africans, purchasing still takes place face-to-face, in a bricks and mortar space, where good in-store marketing can work its power”.

Robbie points out a worldwide trend where people tend to do their pricing research online before making a considered purchasing decision offline, in a physical store. Because of this, it’s clear that in the right circumstances, BTL marketing is still a very worthwhile investment. After all, a good in-store promotion can quite easily overturn a decision made at your computer.

Some products, like electronics, are more commonly purchased online and so can take advantage of digital marketing benefits, like real-time metrics and lower marketing costs. Other products however, are targeted at customers in a lower Living Standards Measure (LSM) segment – where online research, and digital use in general, is far less likely.

For products like these, marketing campaigns do well to include in-store BTL marketing efforts, due to the target market’s limited connectivity, as well as their purchasing habits. Here you swap the digital marketing pros for others such as being able to appeal to local tastes, provide enduring (and more easily remembered) marketing material, as well as bringing in the persuasive powers of personal, human contact.

For Anheuser-Busch InBev’s launch of Budweiser, we delivered almost 600 000 product units to retailers around the country. We’re proud to say that the products were delivered on time, with 100% accuracy to their final destinations, and that the launch was considered a major success by the client.









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