When Below-The-Line Marketing Campaigns Go Wrong


When Below-the-Line Marketing Campaigns Go Wrong 

One of the most common pitfalls when you’re running a below-the-line (BTL) marketing campaign is when the kit – the promotional or point-of-sale items – lands too late in a retail space, goes to the wrong retail space or doesn’t arrive at all.  If this happens, the ramifications can be broad:

For the customer

  1. The customer loses out: If the promotional material isn’t displayed, the customer walks into a store and doesn’t become aware of the promotional campaign, so they miss out on the opportunity to save. If they’d known, they may have purchased something today that they otherwise wouldn’t have, or they may have replaced their normal brand to reap the promotional benefits.
  2. The customer feels unhappy: In some cases, the promotional material is displayed in a store and then the store doesn’t even stock the item! This time the customer is aware of not being able to save and the disappointment they feel when they find out, could create a negative link to the brand in the future.

Commercial impact to you

  1. You miss selling to new customers: For sure, the most obvious impact of a below-the-line marketing campaign not running properly is the sales potential you miss out on. An in-store promotion can lift sales by 200%, and a significant number of buyers purchase the item purely because of the promotion.
  2. You miss selling more to old customers: What you’re hoping is that customers already loyal to your brand, will take advantage of the promotion by buying more than they had planned to originally. If the promotional information isn’t displayed, they’ll purchase their normal amount, receive the discount unknowingly, and although sales revenue may remain the same, profit will decrease because of the discount given.
  3. You still have to pay the promotion price with none of the benefits: Most businesses with stores put together promotional deals in a “co-op” advertising arrangement, where the supplier pays for the promotional space and advertising, and funds the product discounts. Because of this, the supplier will almost always check if the retailer has put the promotion up correctly in store. If this is not the case, they will often refuse to pay for either the discount or promotional space cost, because they feel that the promotion was not executed properly.

What does this all mean in the context of what Nexus does? According to Robbie Ferns, our Sales & Marketing Manager: “It’s simple – we have a kit accuracy for our clients of 99.87% and delivery on time of over 99%. This means that by using us, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of having to deal with these kinds of problems”.

How do Nexus make sure your below-the-line campaigns run seamlessly?

  • We manage the critical path with you, allowing you to manage your whole BTL campaign using our campaign management tool.
  • We help with the management of your POS suppliers to ensure that promotional campaigns land on time.
  • Because we use our own courier network, we can easily change routes and delivery plans to ensure campaigns get to the correct place on time.
  • If a delivery from a supplier is running late, we can cross- doc it straight from the receiving area to the kitting floor, so no time is wasted.
  • We have a triple check kitting system in place that ensures the correct products are in the kits.





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