67 Minutes and beyond

Every individual and business in South Africa owes a large amount to Nelson Mandela’s legacy, and we fully support the 67 Minutes campaign on Nelson Mandela Day, and the idea of using this opportunity to do good. There are so many organisations that need support but this year we focused on these ones:

  1. Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Over the last five years we’ve donated funds to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and this year was no different. The R10 000 we donate is put into a fund that pays for surgeries to be performed on children who would otherwise have to spend months (or years) waiting for an opportunity to be operated on. This means that these kids can get back to being kids, by getting the medical attention they need to live fulfilling lives. Without these donations, the children would have to wait much longer to receive these life changing surgeries.

  1. Emasithandane Children’s Organisation

We believe that the 67 Minutes Campaign is a wonderful initiative but we also want to establish relationships with organisations that need our help, assisting them all year round and making a lasting impact. Yesterday the Nexus Team went out to Emasithandane, a home for orphaned and abandoned children that we work with throughout the year, and spent time with the children, giving them much needed blankets for winter, plus food hampers.

Currently they have 29 children from toddlers to late teenagers in their care. They continue to try and get social grants for these kids in order to improve their standard of living but as the facility is not large enough, they unfortunately have not been successful. They therefore operate 100% on donations from various associations and companies like ours. All these children and teens come to the home because they have no parents, families or foster homes to go to, so we really feel this is an organisation that needs our continued support.

  1. Hannah’s Place of Safety

 Some of our other Nexus staff members spent their 67 Minutes with the children and caregivers at Hannah’s Place of Safety. We spent the afternoon playing with the kids and giving the team there some much needed TLC with a special cake we’d arranged.

Ultimately, this day gave us an opportunity to remind us that every single person has the ability to change the world. And we have the great man Nelson Mandela to thank for that.

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