4 Things your 3PL gift packing provider needs to consider

Not many things in life are certain. Special events, however, are. Consider an event like Father’s day – it happens every year, and on a specific day. So, what does this have to do with your gift packing service provider? A lot, actually.

You have to choose a partner that understands how important it is for products to be available in the stores at the right time – on the day that customers are buying. Asking you as the customer to move a gifting date such as fathers day out to another day is just not possible.

To make sure that events like these are covered, the third party logistics that goes into the kitting process needs to be flawless. This is the four things that every 3PL co-packing supplier worth his salt has to consider.


  1. Complexity

In order to accurately estimate the number of units that can be packed per hour of per day,

a good 3PL supplier will make sure they completely understand your gift packing requirements and the complexities involved with each gift pack. Everything from the number of components per pack, to the design of the packaging will influence the number of units that can be assembled in a certain timeframe.


  1. Time and Motion studies

It is crucial to have enough hands on board to manage a project. A good 3PL partner will conduct time and motion studies on your gift packs to understand the man power required per production line and products to ensure that the daily required outputs are met without fail. (Not sure what a time and motion study is? Read here.)


  1. Total space required for raw materials and finished products

If there is not enough space for a project, things fall apart. Your supplier must accurately predict the total amount of space required for receiving and storing the various components that make up the gift packs (From the packaging materials to the items needing to be picked and packed). Furthermore, there needs to be enough space for the kitting process. This includes the construction and assembly of the kits as well as for storing the finished packs.


  1. Quality control

Nobody wants their customers to receive poorly constructed gift packs. These unhappy customers lead to ruined relationships with business partners, which can be fatal. This is why the quality of both the raw components and the final assembled products need to be consistently and effectively monitored. A good 3PL co-packing supplier understands this and ensures that stringent quality control processes are followed at all times.


These factors show how important it is to have a partner that knows the kitting process inside and out. Choosing the wrong partner can cost your brand and business. This is why you should choose Nexus. Read more about our product co-packing and gifting services here.


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