Marketing & Point-of-Sale materials handling

Our third party logistics services go over and above the traditionally accepted standards of warehousing and transportation in the industry. We provide specialist 3PL services for promotions, events or point-of-sale display materials.

  • Receiving and Quality Control (QC)
  • Kitting
  • Distribution
  • Customised solutions
  • Campaign planning tool

Receiving and Quality Control

We want to give you peace of mind by ensuring the quickest and most effective receiving and quality checking.

Our 3PL services for receiving and quality control include:

  • Receiving of purchase orders and scheduling deliveries
  • Quantity checking against purchase orders, to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Quality checking of goods against signed off samples to ensure quality is in line with expectations
  • Quick receiving turnaround times, so that items are available for campaigns


We offer a full kitting service, which includes receiving delivery of marketing items from various suppliers, packing them into individual kits and distributing them to various points. We have a triple check system in place when building kits, to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Our kitting and assembly services include:

  • Kit accuracy checking and QC
  • Secure and cost-effective packaging
  • Custom labelling
  • Special projects
  • Multiple item and complex kits

Specialised project management

As corporate logistics specialists, we’re equipped to manage a variety of complex projects. Our systems include cross docking processes which allow us to fast track any supplier order running late directly to the kitting floor, and our fine-tuned warehousing processes enable us to work efficiently.


We have a network of hubs across South Africa, allowing us to sort your packages quickly and effectively. We have perfected our distribution systems and this, together with our experienced drivers, ensures our distribution services run like a well oiled machine.

Customised solutions

By offering tailored and flexible 3PL solutions, we help our clients explore new market opportunities and grow their businesses.

Campaign planning tool

We’ve developed a user-friendly campaign tool that feeds the warehouse manage system with your latest campaign information and kitting requirements. This ensures that we have the latest information and allows our clients to:

  • Plan the campaign critical path, with key milestones for tracking and escalation 
  • Add and remove campaign items based on your procurement strategy and budget
  • Create specific campaign kits
  • Allocate the kits to various destinations of your choice
  • Give multiple users functionality, with access and restriction controls based on user rights

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